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<![CDATA[Happy New Years!]]>Thu, 27 Dec 2018 16:12:48 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/happy-new-years
Wow, I can’t believe this year is almost said and done. I’ve traveled so many miles and met so many of wonderful tour supporters. And even though my 2018 BJM Tour was mostly successful, I am disappointed that I didn’t really travel to as many NEW cities as I wanted to.
 So in 2019 I hope to make it to cities that I have yet to visit, and meet the men that resides in them.
 So here’s to a successful 2019, I wish nothing but the best for you and yours in this coming New Year.
Happy New Year!

Back 2 Boston!

Winter travel is always quite iffy, especially when traveling to the north east, unpredictable snowstorms, blizzards, and nor’easters can wreck havoc on ones travel plans. I was pleasantly surprised at how much warmer Boston and DC where. It’s the middle of December and on my first day in DC it was like 70 degrees. Boston was chillier, but not as cold as it was in my home state of Colorado.

I was so happen to have Boston as one of my last tour stops of the year. I have such a big loyal following in Boston, this tour stop always sell out.  Boston wasn’t actually the intended destination, it was supposed to be New Orleans.  However there just wasn’t enough support to warrant a trip, and since this was going to be a last minute change, I knew that Boston would come though to save the day. And it did!

Almost all of my regulars came through, and I am happy to report I had a lot of new guys too. I am not going to talk about the hotel, cause it wasn’t that nice, Boston is still a expensive trip, and I had to go bargain basement on accommodations for my team and I.
I was also so booked up that I didn’t get a chance to go and explore the city. Perhaps on my next trip I will get to do the Freedom Trail, and visit Salem.

Since it’s the  holiday season, I decided to suck dick as Mrs. Clause, rocking a different Santa’s outfit in Boston and DC. I was really feeling myself, I looked real cute, and 35lbs lighter then I was this time last year.

Those of you who have read my blog since its 2016 inception now that I love me some red-heads. When I was child I use to be terrified of gingers, I thought their hair was the mark of the devil. As an adult, I’ve come to appreciate their beauty, and this trip to Boston I had 3 come though, 2 of them with thick Boston accents, which just makes me get all wet. I hope you enjoy this SnapChat Mystory Preview as much as I enjoyed making it.

Washington DC BJM


Who would have thought that I would be so popular in DC that it warrant a 2 trips this year. I was really excited to return to the DC area, however I was disappointed to be visiting in the middle of a government shut down.

​I was extremely relieved  that  all the mecums where open as well as the national monuments.

Wrath Of The Seven Seas!

The first thing up for me was to see Aqua Man, I am a huge comic book fan, more so X-Men then anything else. But I was really impressed with Jason Momoa in Justin League (he and Wonder Woman where the best thing in that movie) and was really looking forward to see his origin film. The DCEU has had a extremely bad start, with only the 2017 Wonder Woman film as a highlight.
Let me tell you that Aqua Man did not disappoint, who would have thought of Aqua Man as a badass. I highly recommend  you guys see this movie. Its just as beautiful as Avatar, filled with amazing battles and special effects. Great romance, and let me just say that Amber Herds ‘Mera, really knows how to rock a jellyfish outfit. Nicole Kidman impresses as well in the opening of the film fight scène. Jason Momoa does not disappoint. He’s a charismatic and relatable, I love what he did with the character

Crystal City

I decided to once again stay in the Crystal City/Arlington area. It’s such a nice area, I can see why Amazon decided to build its new headquarters there. I stayed at the Residence Inn Capital Views, and it was a lovely hotel.

​ I was really impressed with the staff, and they offered a tasty and fulfilling breakfast included with your stay. They also offer light snacks and cocktail reception at night, however since I arrived on the weekend it wasn’t available for my stay.

DC was about 75% sold out,  however I was extremely disappointed that so many of the guys that supported the tour could not attend. A lot of my guys work for the government, at the capital in fact, as pages, assistants, or interns for congress. So due to the looming (at the time) shutdown they had to stay and work. I am happy to report this time that the guys that have government jobs, did not use their government email address when corresponding with me this time around.  I don’t like it when guys use their work email address, epically government workers. I don’t want to get pulled into any investigations that may occur.  
So I lost 50% of my guest list to the shutdown,  and the guy I wanted to fuck (the Captain American look-a-like for my last visit), had a list minute emergency, and could not make it.  So I decided to try the replacement option again.  And regretted it as soon as I posted that there where replacement slots available. I swear its more work then its worth. Guys don’t follow instructions,  they send me dick pics, when I clearly ask for face pics in submissions.

​They complain that its too much work ( too much work to send 3 photos and your stats, are you serious…) and they are late.  Never again will I use replacement guys. It takes up too much time and energy. So yea, DC killed the replacement option.

I was completely happy with the guys who where able to make it, as always they where nice and respectful, and on time (all but 1).

<![CDATA[Jersey City BJM....My Bad, Its Newark!]]>Thu, 08 Nov 2018 03:27:22 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/jersey-city-bjmmy-bad-its-newark Picture

​So the Newark tour stop was originally supposed to be in Jersey City, however I moved the location when I noticed that most of the guys who Pre-Ordered the BJM video had a Newark zip code, so I moved it.


​Since I spent so much money on the NYC hosting location, I ended up having to cut cost in Newark and stayed at a cute budget hotel. On the first day of each tour stop I normally spend the day  sightseeing, for Newark I wanted to visit Whitney Houston’s grave site.

However, that morning I felt a little under the weather so decided to stay in the room all day so that I would be ready for the next days BJM. So I have no tales to tell about my Newark Adventures

Next Time Whitney!!!


Oh my goodness, the Jersey guys had such thick accents, I just didn’t realize how concentrated regional accents are. And I can now tell the difference between the New York and New Jersey accents, lol. Go me.

Once again the guys where on point and the stop went on without a hitch.  Well some of the guys that supported the tour couldn’t make it, so I decided to open of their slots to replacement guys. I stop doing that awhile ago after I noticed that whenever there was any type of tour drama, it was with a replacement guy, so I stop using them. I am  happy to report that this time there wasn’t any drama. 

I just may bring back the replacement option to the tour!

<![CDATA[Happy Halloween]]>Wed, 31 Oct 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/happy-halloween

I hope You Guys Got lots of Treats and No Tricks!

Oh I was so excited to return to my BJM Tour,  I just forgotten how much work was involved for each tour stop. Checking team members availability, selecting hotels  that would best accommodate tour stops, booking flights, vetting all the guest attending, marketing each tour stop, responding to all the questions fans ask via email and snapchat.  It can be pretty exhausting .
The worse thing is when a tour stop doesn’t make its tour goals, especially when its so close. We can’t get refunds for the hotels we pre-booked, however recently price line has  made more hotels with the pay later feature available. I always book flights through South West airlines, so changing flights are no longer a big deal. But it still sucks when a tour stop has to be postponed.

Maine...Epic-Fail...Boston...No-Go...     NYC...Done!


New York On My Mind

​It took a few tires to secure funding for first tour stops post hiatus. Originally the stops where supposed to be Maine, I was going to fly into Boston, so I added it as well. However for the 3rd time, Maine didn’t make it tour goals, it was so close this time. So I strapped Boston, and replaced it with Jersey City (which became the Newark stop)  and New York City. I had so many requests since my last visit, that NYC made its tour goals in no time, as did Jersey City. Since most of the guest who where attending my JC stop lived in Newark, I moved the hosting location there.


I love NYC, it was unseasonably warm during my visit, which I enjoyed immensely  and it was a break from the freezing Colorado snow. I stayed in the heart of Town Square this visit, in the center of everything at the Hilton Time Square.

​The room was huge for Manhattan, and the hotel had some really nice amenities. The only complaint I have is that I was charged for internet, even though I am a Hilton Honors member .  I was also disappointed that I couldn’t secure any Broadway shows this visit, there just wasn’t enough time. 

I also tired to go shopping for  a costume to wear, since I was in NYC for Halloween, it was an impossible task. All the cute costumes where gone, and the lines where madd crazy. I gave up after visiting 2 stores.



 I did get to pay a visit to the NYC Public library, every since the first Sex & The City movie, I’ve wanted to go there. They filmed the Big and Carrie wedding scene there.

​ I was astonished at how much the library look like an art museum, the inside was breathtakingly beautiful. I actually spent a few hours there wondering through the rooms and corridors.  

I just love the guys from NYC, they are just so damn cocky but cute. I was really looking forward to meeting all the guys that supported the tour.

​The stop went like clock work, no issues or problems. As always the guys where nice and respectful and just as excited to meet me. Here are some of my favorites from the tour in a SnapChat MyStory
<![CDATA[She Ready!]]>Fri, 24 Aug 2018 16:32:12 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/she-ready

Just About Ready To Resume The Tour

Wow it has been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been on hiatus since May taking some time to from tour and work on my farm. I had taken a trip to Houston for the forth of July (it rained and flooded the entire time I was there). Only one of my tour supporters was able to make it though the flooding, so I spent the rest of my time at the Houston Galleria shopping center.

The Happiest Place On Earth

I also made a stop in Orlando, where I made a trade out deal,  pairs of Disney or Universal Tickets for invites. I was able to send 5  low income families of four to Disney World, and 7 families to Universal Studious Orlando. That felt really good, I am still floating off that high.  I  was truly  blown away by the new Avater land at the Animal Kingdom park.

Back To Farm Life

Its so funny, the fantasy of farm life vs the reality, this shit is some hard work. My farm is a produce farm, I also raise free ranged chickens for eggs, and added a few pigs to harvest in the winter. Its never ending work, feeding and watering the animals, tending the green houses and the fields and maintaining the homestead. I have a few people onboard that help out, but I am out there every morning  with them at 6pm, working my hands to the bone until 8pm. I love it,  yes its hard work, but its satisfyingly work, I clears my mind and gives me a since of accomplishment that I put in a full day of work

I’ve always been a great cook, it’s a hobby I took up in college and only gotten better as the time has gone by. Now I am able to really put those skills to use, I make everything from scratch. My own bread, salsas, marinara sauces, jams, jellies and preserves.  It has been a wonderful experience using fresh herbs from my garden in my meals , and cooking from my crew that appreciates a hearty  home cooked meals has been incredibly satisfying. And since I work off all the calories that I take in daily, I haven’t gained any weight as I eat all I want.
I’ve had to be extra careful to always protect my hands, so that they stay soft and smooth,  I have scratches on my legs from gods know where, like as I lay in the tub soaking I just discover all these little welts and scratches that appear on my legs and thighs. I have no idea what make-up foundation color will work for me now, since my body and face are 4 different shades of ebony at any given time. I never look in a mirror anymore, and I am as happy as I can be.

​Those Home Cooked Meals


I’ve always been a great cook, it’s a hobby I took up in college and only gotten better as the time has gone by. Now I am able to really put those skills to use, I make everything from scratch. My own bread, salsas, marinara sauces, jams, jellies and preserves.  It has been a wonderful experience using fresh herbs from my garden in my meals , and cooking from my crew that appreciates a hearty  home cooked meals has been incredibly satisfying. And since I work off all the calories that I take in daily, I haven’t gained any weight as I eat all I want.

I do miss the touring and I am looking forward to resuming it, I just want to take a little more time to enjoy this new life that I’ve carved out for myself.

​Boston and Portland Maine here I come!

<![CDATA[On Hiatus]]>Sun, 01 Jul 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/on-hiatus7581278]]><![CDATA[On Hiatus]]>Fri, 01 Jun 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/june-01st-2018]]><![CDATA[On Hiatus]]>Tue, 01 May 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/on-hiatus]]><![CDATA[Washington DC or Bust!]]>Mon, 30 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/washington-dc-or-bust

The Tourist Thing


I was so excited to return to DC almost a year to date of my 2018 tour. Its so odd that the first few times I tried adding DC to the tour, the attempts failed miserably. All that changed in 2017, and now its like clock work. The DC tour stops sold out pretty fast, with lots of new guys in attendance to get a first hand experience of my BJM event​.

I love sightseeing in DC,  there is so much to see and do.  I grew up reading and watching National Geographic, so I enjoy the sights and educational value the museums provides. And where else can you go to see millions of dollars of one of kind art for free, I love America!


​This visit I took the time to visit Lincoln monument, and the war monuments. Since I like to walk to all the museums and monuments, I am always too tired to make the hike to that part of the national mall….its a commitment. Normally I only get a day to do the tourist thing, this time I was able to squeeze in two, giving me the time to spend some time visiting Lincoln, Martian,  Vietnam, and WW2 monuments.

​I haven’t been to this side of the mall since year 2000. It was so nice out, so serene, I was really able to take in the full effects of each of these national treasures, as always I was moved to tears upon the reflection of what so many brave citizens have sacrificed for the freedoms we all enjoy

Movie of The Decade 


​One of the other perks I enjoy when touring, is going to the movies with my team and some of my local fans. This trip Infinity War released during my DC trip and I got to take it in opening day. I am a huge comic book nerd, and a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Infinity Gauntlet comic book was one of the most searing comic book events I read in high school, my geek squad girlfriends and I would come up with a dream cast of who would play whom if they ever made it a movie. 

And although the movie is extremely different from the comic book, the heart and soul of it is there. I loved this movie and for the 2 of you who have not seen it, you need to.  For those of you who have not read the Infinity Gauntlet comic book and would like a recap, I am providing the link to one of my favorite Youtubers, Rob. He posts very informative comic book videos and reviews. He’s one of my go to guys for everything comic book related.


Location, Location, Location......

I decided to stay at Sheraton, Pentagon City this time around. It was really close to the metro line and a mall, 2 must haves for any tour stop hotel. The hotel had amazing views of the DC skyline, a great restaurant and a really friendly staff. Now what doesn’t make sense to me is the pool area.

​The 16th floor roof top pool has outside patio area that overlooks the neighborhood instead of city. Its such a waste of space and view.


The DC BJM event went off without a hitch, I love it when it works out like clock work. As always the guys where amazing, seeing the guys that attended last year was a real treat. And the new guys, well nothing beats the feeling of sucking a dick you’ve never sucked before. Guys that attend one of my BJM events for the first time are always so nervous, I am often nervous too, it leads to the excitement of it. They try to make small talk and be gentlemen which I instantly brush aside. We both know what your hear for, just let me take you into my firm, caring hands, and I promise you, I will give you the release you’ve been craving.  I am so happy that the guys that do attend my events are always polite and truly enjoy being part of the story.
One of the highlights from my DC Tour was the fan that attended that bared a striking resemblance to  Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character, with the long hair. I swear I got instantly wet when he walked into the room. He was so charming and had a really nice dick. I was so turned on, I had just seen Infinity War, and now I have a Thor look-a-link cuming all over me. That’s hot!
<![CDATA[New York City & Minneapolis]]>Sat, 31 Mar 2018 07:00:00 GMThttp://bjmtour.com/my-blog/new-york-city-minneapolis

A New York State of Mind

Cold, cold, cold, I don’t know why I keep picking locations in the midst of snowstorms and blizzards, such the case when I arrived in New York City.  A good friend invited me stay with her so she could take care of me while I battle the flu, as I had did for her in Los Angeles. She had a two bedroom 2nd floor walk up in Brooklyn, and time off of work to nurse be back to health.
The weather was horrible the first few days in New York, it was like it was mirroring the battle my body was having with the flu. I had never been so sick in my life, the flu is no joke, but my friend got me through it, and I was right as rain I no time. The weather in New York improved as well, it was still blistering cold, but the snowstorms where gone, for now.


​While I was on the mend, I decided to move my NYC BJM event from April 26-28, to March 14-17. I was just recovering from the flu, and that gave me 3 weeks for me to gain my strength back, and to make sure I was no longer contagious. It was a last minute event, but I had a great response form local fans that where happy with the date change and supported the event.

didn’t do much sight seeing on this trip, just hit up time square and Madison Avenue, I am going to return to NYC later on in the year, once it warms up.

The NYC BJM event took place St. Patrick’s day weekend  and dressed in theme for the holiday. I  hosted the event at the Millennium Hilton World Trade Center, and was hooked up with a 32nd floor room with a amazing view of the trade center. To date this is the most expensive hotel I’ve ever hosted a BJM event at, and although it was a beautiful hotel, I did not feel it was worth the $400 a night price tag, even with a million dollar view.

The NYC BJM event wasn’t a true marathon, I had a dozen guys come through, just enough to cover the cost of hosting the event. Being that this was a last minute event, I was completely ok with the turn out. As always the guys where wonderful and respectful, and I loved hearing the different variations of New York accents

And on to Minneapolis.....again!

I finally made it to Minneapolis, after the tour stop had be delayed due to me coming down with the flu. I really wanted to host my BJM event in the St. Paul area since I’ve been to the twin cities 3 times and never made it to that area of the city. But I didn’t have the time to spend researching hotels in the area, so I stuck with what I know, in a area that I was very familiar with, the Bloomington Mall of America area.

I love shopping and I really love the Mall of America, the concept is so 90’s. I was disappointed that there was no longer a movie theater there, but happy to see that the theater that was once there was being completely remolded and updated to today’s standards. Seeing Into The Darkness there my last visit was such a disappointment. 

The guys where happy that I was actually in town since this trip was delayed 2 times, and I was happy to see them.  Almost every guy from my previous BJM events attend this one, with a half a dozen  new guys thrown into the mix. Because I had spent so much money on my hotel in NYC, I had to save some dollars and stay at sub par motel in Minneapolis.